Silver Maple Assisted Living Residence

Personal care for individuals at different stages of their lives

Every stage of life requires different levels of care. We provide the level of care that matches our residents needs.

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Multi-level Care Facilities and Services

we offer care services to help individuals at different stages of their lives
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Why Choose Silver Maple Assisted Living?

Assisted living doesn not mean you give up your freedom, your independence, or your privacy.

Silver Maple is the perfect place to call home! The benefits are many. You'll never feel alone or unwanted here. No demands are made on you and you will have time to yourself. We are a close-knit and caring community that values taking care of one another more than ourselves - which means there's no room for negative thoughts in an assisted living environment like ours.  We believe in thinking positively, loving our neighbors, living and enjoying life.

What you do give up, among other things:

What you gain is, among other things:

Cooking for One
Eating meals alone
Good company at mealtime
Taking out the trash
Not having to cook and eat alone
Worry about medications
Meeting new friends
Cleaning the bathroom
Friends and family visits at any time
Mopping the floors
Privacy when you want it
Doing the laundry
Never being "alone"
Weeding and watering the lawn
Assistance whenever needed, 24 hours, 7 days a week
Vacuuming the carpets
Why choose silver maple residence?

Our Personal Commitment

Our staff is committed to providing the personal service to each of our residents regardless of the type of care needed.

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Welcome to Silver Maple Residence.

Caring and companionate living assistance in Brainerd, MN.